Manufacturing Capabilities

Color Design Laboratory has a full range of compounding and filling equipment for cosmetic powders. Manufacturing and filling are performed under current good manufacturing practices and FDA guidelines. We are a proud FDA Drug License Manufacturer.

We are continuously updating and acquiring new equipment for improved efficiency to maintain the exemplary quality of our products.

Manufacturing Equipment

  • Big Pulvarizer 500 Kg / 4 hrs.
  • Auger Filler machine – has a capacity to fill jars from 1 gr to 500 grs and can fill up to 10,000 jars per 8-hr shift.
  • Small Pulvarizer 10 Kg/ 1 Hr.
  • Stainless Steel Mixer with 220 lbs capacity
  • Air Mixer with 40 kgs capacity

  • Powder Pressing Machine
    • 1041032 pan size 10,000 pcs capacity
    • 232 pan size 8,000 pcs capacity
    • 288 pan size 4,500 pcs capacity
  • Labeler Machine
  • Inkjet Coder